Amazing Recoveries
Improving bone fracture treatment at HLRS
You never want your doctor taking guesses with your health. But when it comes to treating bone fractures with implants, guesswork is part of the process. Dr. Ralf Schneider and his colleagues at the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart are using their Cray XC supercomputer, "Hazel Hen," to conduct micromechanical simulations of bone tissue — and ultimately improve the effectiveness of fracture implants.

Live Deep Learning Webinar 9/28
Learn about techniques for deep learning application performance and operations.
Embry-Riddle Gets Cray CS400 Cluster System
Their new 4-cabinet "Vega" supercomputer will be used to advance aviation & aerospace.
Deep Learning Hits
15 PF on "Cori"
NERSC researchers have broken the 10-petaflop barrier on two deep learning applications.
Vanguard Becomes Cray Solutions Provider
Vanguard will develop, market and sell Cray on-premise and cloud cybersecurity solutions.
Supercomputers to Simulate the Big Bang
Argonne and NCSA supercomputers will help us understand the origins of the universe.
AI: Science Fact vs. Science Fiction
From robots to sentient virtual environments, AI is a dominant theme in science fiction.
Scientists Use "Theta" to Map Brain Function
The system at Argonne is mapping the intricacies of brain function at the deepest levels.
Visiting the Living Computers Museum
One of the highlights of the Seattle-based computing museum is a Cray-1 system.
Life Sciences are the Biggest of Big Data
Cray's Ted Slater talks about healthcare, big data, and running deep learning faster.
Upcoming Events
NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Workshop Sept. 22, Boston, MA
SEG 2017 Sept. 2428, Houston, TX
SUSECON 2017 Sept. 2529, Prague, Czechia
15th Annual Pharmaceutical IT Congress Sept. 2728, London, U.K.
Third EAGE Workshop on High Performance Computing for Upstream Oct. 14, Athens, Greece
Festival of Genomics Oct. 34, Boston, MA
Rice University Data Science Summit Oct. 910, Houston, TX
i-KNOW 2017 Oct. 1112, Graz, Austria
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