Why PGS Made the Move from Clusters to Supercomputers

Faced with the most complex seismic survey ever collected, PGS took a new approach to system design ... and succeeded.

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Join Cray Oil & Gas Experts at SEG

Meet our team at the SEG annual meeting next week in Dallas, hear talks in the HPC Theater and find out how PGS is using Cray technology to bring their imaging to a new level.
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NCSA Celebrates 30 Years

Congratulations to the National Center for Supercomputing Applications on their 30th anniversary of solving complex problems in science and society.
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Advancing Ebola Treatment with Blue Waters

Using the Cray "Blue Waters" system at NCSA, university researchers predicted the pairing of antibodies with virus-coating proteins, focusing on two strains of the Ebola virus and their possible mutations.
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Gearing Up for SC16: HPC Matters

HPC matters at the SC16 conference this November in Salt Lake City. Join us to hear about advances in high performance computing technology and the amazing things Cray's customers are doing.
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Chapel Completes First "Summer of Code"

Making Sense of 50 Billion Triples: Getting Started


Extreme Scaling with
ANSYS Fluent

Nov. 2, 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET

LS-DYNA R8.0 Performance Evaluation and Enhancements

MSC Nastran Performance

Data Handling and Visualization for Large CFD Simulations


SEG Annual Meeting
Oct. 16–21, Dallas, TX

Forum on Analytics for Advanced Cancer Research
Oct. 26, Basel, Switzerland
New York, NY

Open Data Science Conference
Nov, 4–6, Santa Clara, CA

Nov. 13–18, Salt Lake City, UT

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