Sunny with a Chance of Solar Superstorms

Can you imagine a world without electronics? National Science Foundation-funded scientists show us how an overdue solar storm could disable Earth’s power grids. Watch these groundbreaking visualizations that help scientists and non-scientists alike understand these massive cosmic eruptions and develop ways to mitigate the disasters they could cause.

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Upcoming: CAE Webinar Series with Industry Experts

Leading software experts are highlighting recent results for some of the most widely used CAE applications, with topics including application scalability, HPC I/O and data and visualization. Join us for our upcoming webinar series with leading software companies MSC Software, Intelligent Light and Livermore Software Technology Corp. (LSTC), plus LSTC customer Rolls-Royce.
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Invitation to Participate: HPC User Site Census from Intersect360 Research

Cray is supporting Intersect360 Research in its ongoing market data gathering about evolving trends in high performance computing (HPC). By completing this survey, you will add your voice to the community of forward-thinking HPC users whose opinions help shape the path of future development. To begin the survey, please click the link below.
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White Paper: Improving Aerospace Engine Simulation

Among the critical simulations aerospace manufacturers must run is fan blade off, which simulates the failure of a fan or compressor blade in a jet engine at high rotating speeds. This free white paper details the use of LS-DYNA, a finite element program made by LTSC, on a Cray® XC40™ supercomputer to simulate fan blade off containment.
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Researchers’ Novel Model Captures a Splitting Nucleus

What is taking place at the microscopic level of an atom during fission? It’s a question that has lingered for nearly a century. A team led by Aurel Bulgac of the University of Washington are leveraging the accelerated architecture of the “Titan” supercomputer at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which has shown promise for capturing real-time dynamics of nuclear evolution without imposing the constraints that other models require.
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LIFE 2016 Landmark Innovation Forum & Expo
Aug 23–25
Houston, TX

Lustre User Group at NCI 2016
Sep 7–8
Canberra, Australia

Webinar: LS-DYNA R8.0 Performance Evaluation and Enhancements &
Sep 13
8 a.m. PT and 6 p.m. PT

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