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The Alan Turing Institute Gets Cray Supercomputing Power
New Urika®-GX system will advance data science research
The Alan Turing Institute, the U.K.’s national institute for data science, is adding a Cray Urika-GX system. The new system will be hosted at the University of Edinburgh and will provide researchers with a dedicated analytics hardware platform, enabling the development of advanced applications across scientific fields including engineering and technology, defense and security, smart cities, financial services and life sciences.

Cray's New Urika®-XC
Analytics Software
Now you can get advanced analytics, AI and graph tools for your Cray® XC™ system.
Understanding the
Human Brain
Professor Dr. Dirk Pleiter in Jülich, Germany, is part of the Human Brain Project.
New Intel® Xeon®
Scalable Processors
Cray® CS™ and XC50™ supercomputers will be available with the new processors.
Argonne's Theta
System Goes Online
The 9.65-petaflop supercomputer is officially open to the research community.
AI Readiness:
On-Demand Webinar
Learn why and how companies should seize the benefits of artificial intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence
Use Cases in HPC
Tractica shares how AI can augment supercomputing workloads.
AI Meets HPC
at ISC 2017
ICYMI: Catch up on what happened this year at the ISC conference in Frankfurt.
Modeling Tornadoes
with Blue Waters
How scientists modeled a deadly tornado with the "insanely powerful" supercomputer.
CHIUW 2017: Surveying
the Chapel Landscape
See highlights from the 4th annual Chapel Implementers and Users Workshop.
Upcoming Events
MedCity CONVERGE – July 31, 2017 – August 1, Philadelphia, PA
New York Scientific Data Summit – August 6–9, New York, NY
OpenSHMEM Workshop – August 7–9, Annapolis, MD
ICML: International Conference on Machine Learning – August 6–11, Sydney, Australia
DoDIIS Worldwide Conference – August 13–16, St. Louis, MO
46th International Conference on Parallel Processing – August 14–17, Bristol, U.K.
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