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Forrester Reports on the State of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is an idea that’s been around for years think Hal in “2001: A Space Odyssey” and C-3PO from “Star Wars.” But recent advances in big data, computing and the cloud are enabling a new world of possibilities, according to a new TechRadar report from leading research and advisory firm Forrester.

"Blue Waters" Tackles
Professor Wendy K. Tam Cho is using supercomputing to help keep elections fair.
Bridgestone World
Solar Challenge
Solar Team Great Britain is developing a solar race car using a Cray cluster supercomputer.
Behind the Name:
Find out how India's fastest supercomputer was named and what "SahasraT" means.
Predicting Aeroelastic
Wing Flutter
Simulating the effects of wing flutter on an airplane in flight requires extreme performance.
Steve Scott Joins
Cray's CTO discusses why supercomputing is so important to the research field.
Argonne's Early Science
Projects for "Aurora"
10 projects have been selected to run on this leadership-class computing resource.
"Titan" Helps Analyze
Nanoparticle Atoms
A 3-D reconstruction reveals the arrangement of atoms in unprecedented detail.
Computational Power
for Machine Learning
Cray, Microsoft and CSCS are collaborating to speed up and optimize deep learning.
Supernovae Simulation
Astrophysicist Ken Chen ran simulations on NERSC's "Edison" supercomputer.
Upcoming Events
HPC Saudi Arabia, March 1315, hosted by KAUST
Strata+Hadoop World, March 1415, San Jose, CA
Rice Oil & Gas HPC Conference, March 1516, Houston, TX

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