Performance Milestone for Deep Learning at Scale

Cray collaborated with Microsoft and the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre to scale the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit on a Cray® XC50™ system. Cray’s Mark Staveley presented details at the NIPS conference in Barcelona.

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New Supercomputing Record for CFD Scaling

ANSYS, HLRS and Cray scaled ANSYS® Fluent® to 172,032 cores on the Cray® XC40™ “Hazel Hen” supercomputer in Stuttgart, a 5x increase over the previous world record.
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ORNL Gets Credit for New Element "Tennessine"

The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory is among the collaborators credited with discovering one of the newest elements on the periodic table.
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Solving Gerrymandering with Blue Waters

A political scientist at the University of Illinois is using the Cray "Blue Waters" supercomputer to develop a fairer way to draw district boundaries.
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Lighting up Aurora

HPCwire shares details about "Aurora," the DOE's leadership-class, 200 PF supercomputer to be installed at Argonne National Laboratory in 2018, accelerating the journey to exascale.
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