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Forrester Report: An AI Revolution Started for Courageous Enterprises
In the race toward the next frontier of application innovation, supercomputing is the new superpower.
Today’s enterprise and consumer applications must see, understand, talk and learn. Deep learning is revolutionizing the development of intelligent applications with accurate predictive modeling and artificial intelligence (AI). Forrester’s new analyst report will help you put deep learning to work to advance your business goals.

Intel Xeon Scalable Processors for HPC
Learn how to get the most from the new Intel processors on your HPC workloads.
Looking for a Giant Planet Beyond Pluto
Two grad students are using machine learning on a Cray XC system to look for "Planet Nine."
ORNL's "Titan" Used to Study Galactic Winds
UC Santa Cruz researchers are learning how galactic winds affect star formations in galaxies.
Met Office Predicts Record Rainfall
They've used their XC supercomputer to predict a decade of record-setting rain in England.
Deep Learning Thrives in Cancer Moonshot
It's a powerful tool in the CANcer Distributed Learning Environment (CANDLE) project.
On-Demand Deep Learning Webinar
Find out what you need to know to make deep learning work for your organization.
Big Data Meets Big Healthcare for Veterans
Argonne researchers are building tools to identify improved sets of risk factors.
"Theta" System is Open for Research
The new supercomputer at Argonne will be used exclusively for engineering and research projects.
Seymour Cray's Supercomputing Style
IEEE Spectrum looks back on how Seymour Cray brought style to supercomputers.
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