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Al Roker Talks Cray on the Today Show

Weatherman Al Roker of NBC's Today Show did a spot on global weather models and the key role that Cray systems play internationally.

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Intel Broadwell Xeon Debuts on Cray XC and CS Series Supercomputers

Your next demanding compute challenge: Does it seem insurmountable? Need more cores? Higher base processor frequency? Faster memory? All of the above? Take a look at Cray’s integration of next-generation Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 processors, previously codenamed “Broadwell.” The new processor enables theoretical peak performance boosts of up to 30 percent for new and existing Cray® XC™ series supercomputers and Cray® CS™ series cluster supercomputers.
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Webinar: Next-Generation Reservoir Simulation

Cray and Stone Ridge Technology are pleased to present an ultra-fast solution that delivers unparalleled resolution and scale: ECHELON, the industry’s first GPU-targeted reservoir simulator, partnered with Cray’s high-performance CS-Storm™ cluster supercomputer using NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators. Join us on Tuesday, May 3, for webinars at 7 a.m. or 10 a.m. PST to get details on this groundbreaking solution.
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I/O Accelerator Boosts MSC Nastran Simulations

MSC Nastran is a widely used structural analysis application, especially for large modal analysis (i.e., eigenvalue) simulations. It requires a high-capability I/O system for good throughput performance. However, good I/O performance on a cluster architecture can be a challenge, since clusters are often configured to maximize compute scalability and have relatively weak I/O capability per node. Read the latest blog post discussing how Cray addressed the challenge by developing the DataWarp™ I/O acceleration capability, and how it works on very large MSC Nastran simulation projects.
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CUG 2016

The Cray User Group (CUG) will convene in London, England, May 8-12. Hosted by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), the annual conference brings together Cray customers, partners and senior Cray staff to collaborate and exchange information on their Cray systems. In addition to valuable technical sessions and tutorials, CUG attendees have direct access to Cray R&D and executive staff, fostering the long-standing partnerships that Cray and our customers enjoy.
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Rice O&G Keynote from PGS

Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl is the global Chief geophysicist for the Imaging and Engineering Division at PGS. In his keynote address at the 2016 Rice O&G HPC Conference, Brandsberg-Dahl discussed how advanced computing resources have affected all aspects of the seismic value chain and have helped put PGS in a leading position as a marine acquisition and seismic imaging company.
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DOE Centers of Excellence Performance Portability Meeting
April 18–21, Phoenix, AZ

SAS Global Forum
April 18-21, Las Vegas, NV

Saudi Arabian High-Performance Computing (SAHPC) Forum
April 19–21, Riyadh

Salishan Conference on High-speed Computing
April 25-28, Gleneden Beach, OR

2016 Exascale Applications & Software Fonerence (EASC)
April 25–26, Stockholm

MSST 2016
April 30, Santa Clara, CA

Webinar: Next-Generation Reservoir Simulation
May 3

AdaptiveCon Chicago
May 5, Chicago, IL

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